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Egg Sous Vide: The Perfect Egg Yolk

Sous Vide Egg Ricepe

Egg Sous Vide: The Perfect Egg Yolk

Sous Vide Egg Ricepe

Egg Sous-Vide is one best way to get the right texture and consistency of the egg, especially the egg yolk. Some people prefer eating hard-boiled eggs, some people like their eggs soft or medium; however, cooking eggs in sous-vide in a precision controlled temperature is incomparable. It is hard to get that perfect egg yolk by just boiling the eggs in the stove nor using the egg-cooker.

Unfortunately, this egg sous-vide recipe not really ideal to those who do not have a sous-vide machine or sous-vide circulator at home. It would be hard to cook eggs in controlled water temperature.

The sous vide recipe for eggs below is for that perfect egg yolk with lose egg white. You can quick boil the finished sous vide egg egg for a minute before serving or you may refer to this Egg Sous-Vide Temperature Chart by PolyScience if you want to have a different egg yolk – egg white texture.

Egg Sous Vide Recipe

  • Eggs ( Number of eggs depend on your choice)



  1. Prepare water bath by setting up the Sous Vide Circulator on your water bath container. Make sure that the water level is at least on the minimum level.
  2. Set temperature to 65°C  or 149°F. It usually takes time for the water to reach the desired temperature. Filling up with warm water on the container helps shorten the waiting time.
  3. When the sous vide water temperature reaches 65°C  or 149°F,  drop the raw eggs carefully (using a deep spoon or scoop).
  4. Set sous vide cooking time to 60 minutes.

Serving Suggestions:

Egg sous-vide can be served with your favorite dish or you can eat them as it is (with salt).  For example, smoked ham, smoked salmon, sausage, etc.

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