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Filipino Style Juicy Fried Chicken

Juicy Crispy Fried Chicken

Who don’t like to eat fried chicken? Unless you are allergic to chicken, then you would never say a big NO to delicious juicy and crispy fried chicken for lunch or dinner. Of course, if you do not like spicy food, then probably cooking fried chicken spicy would not be interesting to eat. However, you can consider removing the spicy spices off the recipe while cooking, then it should resolve the problem!

I like KFC, and the spicy fried chicken in Jollibee (a fast food restaurant in the Philippines), but you cooking your own home-made fried chicken is yummier and healthier! Many people think chicken skin is bad because it is fatty. I used to be one of those people who tried my best to avoid chicken skin even if I liked it, however, starting with LCHF diet made me enjoy it more because it is one of my favorite fried foods! (Note: Fried chicken is healthy if you don’t eat rice or extreme carbs with it). Therefore, I would recommend you eat it with fresh vegetables, like cabbage, steamed broccoli, or make your own coleslaw!

Below is my own recipe for a juicy friend chicken, which I personally cooked and tried! It is easy, simple, and delicious!


1 kg (1 whole) Chicken cut/chopped into pieces (normal size)

Vegetable Oil

Potato starch

Chili Powder

1 Egg

1 dl (80 grams) of Yoghurt (Any will do, but I used Turkish yoghurt)


Black Pepper

Lemon (Juice or Fresh Fruit)


  1. To make the chicken tender and juicy, marinate the chicken in yoghurt. You can put the sliced chicken pieces into a big plastic bag, then fill it up with yoghurt, salt, and black pepper. If you like garlic, you can add some garlic powder on it too. Seal or tie the plastic, then massage the chicken meat through the plastic. Leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  2. When the chicken meat pieces are marinated, prepare egg and potato starch in two separate plates or containers.
  3. Dip and coat the chicken piece first with egg, then the potato starch. Then, sprinkle some chili powder as the last coat. (Note: Skip chili powder if you do not want it spicy!)
  4. Deep fry in a deep fryer (175 Degrees) or in a deep frying pan ( 7-8 minutes)
  5. Ready to serve and eat when it turns brown and ready.

Suggested Drinks Best with Fried Chicken:

  • Rose Wine, White Wine, or Sugar-Free Cola

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